Apologies for the lackluster title. I am curious if there's something similar in Wordpress as Nunjucks call or block.

Essentially, I am curious if it is possible to create a template part and inject html markup somewhere within that template part.

Currently I am accomplishing this by passing a variable, that contains my markup, to the template part. Example below:


<?php $markup = get_query_var("markup"); ?>
<div class="container">
    <?php echo $markup ?>


    $markup = "
    set_query_var("markup", $markup);

However, I would prefer a method that would look similar to this (obviously I using fictional method names here):


<?php start_template_part("partials/template-part"); ?>
<?php end_template_part("partials/template-part"); ?>

Is there something similar in Wordpress that would allow me to accomplish the second method?

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