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Don't display html if custom field is empty

I'm using the plugin Related Posts Thumbnails but i'm using the template tag in my template file to display related products.

<?php get_related_posts_thumbnails(); ?>

Plugin Source

I've got this contained inside of a div with a title so the output looks a bit better. However if there isn't any related products i need it to hide the div otherwise it just displays an empty area.

This is the code i'm using.

<div id="relatedproducts">
    <h1>Related Products</h1>
    <?php get_related_posts_thumbnails(); ?></div>

Is it possible to not show this div if the function returns no related products?


global $related_posts_thumbnails;
if ($related_posts_thumbnails->get_html()) { ?>

    <div id="relatedproducts">
        <h1>Related Products</h1>
        <?php get_related_posts_thumbnails() ?>

<?php } ?>

A quick look at the get_related_posts_thumbnails() shows that it is simply echoing the HTML returned from the get_html() method of the $related_posts_thumbnails object. By checking the returned HTML first, you can make sure it is not an empty string (or any falsy value).

Note for the plugin author: picking the name get_related_posts_thumbnails() and making it echo the output is quite unintuitive. Other WordPress functions use the get_ prefix for functions that return data, and leave it out to echo it. For example: get_bloginfo('url') vs bloginfo('url').

  • I've tried this and it seems to work perfectly. Thanks a lot. – Corbula Dec 12 '11 at 15:50

Looks like the plugin's function echos the output and does not return it. But the plugin has a shortcode, which you can use to get what you want.

$thumbs = do_shortcode('[related-posts-thumbnails]');
if(strlen($thumbs) > 0)
    <div id="relatedproducts">
    <h1>Related Products</h1>
        <?php echo $thumbs; ?>
<?php }

Try this and let me know.

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