I would like to be able to create sections of blocks from within the Gutenberg editor. This way I can apply styles around groups of blocks.

The idea would be to either:

  • Nest one or more blocks within a container div/section/article
  • Add an opening tag before a block or group of blocks and a closing tag afterwards

I have tried adding a 'Custom HTML' block before and afterwards with opening/closing tags. This works apart from when revisiting the editor the you're welcomed with a 'This block contains unexpected or invalid content' warning.

How can I achieve this?

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Use 'Groups': If you do not see the 'Group' option, like me, you'll have to update WP.

After that, simply create a group, then add new blocks or drag existing blocks into it. Select the group and add HTML Anchors and classes via the 'Advanced' tab of the block's menu.


There's a simple solution, use a group block:

enter image description here

This creates a group block that contains the others. This isn't the only block that can have "children" or nest other blocks, e.g. columns, cover blocks, etc

Group blocks are <div>'s but can also be set as sections/asides/etc in the block inspector sidebar

If this wasn't an option, the solution would have been to build a block that contains other blocks, but those blocks already exist and come with WP

  • Thanks for pointing me to this Tom.
    – Scoop
    Commented Mar 26, 2020 at 7:34

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