I want to change the default template for my pages to a template called fullwidthpage.php.

I have seen this question posted and answered for pre-Gutenberg Wordpress, but I have not found a working answer for Gutenberg Wordpress (version 5.3.2 at the time of this question).

This is the non-working answer I found. When I try the non-working answer the template is set to fullwidthpage.php but when I try to update the page I get a message that says "Updating failed."


I was looking for the same thing. This Answer by SkyShab did the trick. Posted below for convenience.

wp.data.dispatch('core/editor').editPost( {template: "template-name.php"} )


On the right hand side of your editor, at the top there are two tabs: Document and Block, click on document and go down until you see Page Attributes there is a slide down menu there where you can choose your template. See image attached: enter image description here

  • This changes the template for the current page but it doesn't change the default template, meaning fullwidthpage is not selected by default when a new page is created.
    – glass duo
    Apr 15 '20 at 18:17

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