So I've tried with the Woocommerce breadcrumbs and a plugin called Breadcrumbs NAVXT. Both show the breadcrumbs when I go from a category to a product, the subcategory in the breadcrumbs. Even though whenever I click on a product, I want the breadcrumbs leading to that page. So when I go for example from:

miscellaneous -> product1

I don't want the breadcrumbs:

miscellaneous -> subcategory -> product1

Only if I actually went to the product through that subcategory. I looked at the documentation of the plugin:


And it has filters and actions, but not with a lot of explanation. I've also searched how to do this with the default Woocommerce breadcrumbs, but I can't find how to do that in Woocommerce either.

There must be a setting or set the way the breadcrumbs should work right? I've also tried to turn on and off some options in the plugin settings, but it didn't give me the desired output either.

  • With default WooCommerce breadcrumbs, you can easily manage when to show or hide the breadcrumbs. Refer to this documentation : docs.woocommerce.com/document/conditional-tags – Patrice Poliquin Mar 19 at 14:21
  • @PatricePoliquin I'm sorry but how would I make it so when I go through Miscellaneous -> product1 it shows that, and when I go through miscellaneous -> subcategory -> product1 to show the subcategory as well? I can't find that in the link you provided. – Loko Mar 19 at 14:45

Have you tried using Yoast SEO Plugin? It offers breadcrumbs setup in its dashboard.

Just go to the plug setting and follow these settings

  • Click on ‘Search Appearance’.

  • Click on the ‘Breadcrumbs’ tab.

  • Toggle the ‘Breadcrumbs’ switch and configure the settings according to your requirements.

Do let me know if it doesn't work! Thanks

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