I want to execute a function in a specific page only, that edits the post title of posts inside a post-grid plugin.

I tried:

if (is_page('my-slug')) { add_filter(...); } //page slug

if (is_page('12345')) { add_filter(...); } //page ID

add_filter('the_title', 'title_with_attributes', 10, 2);
function title_with_attributes($title, $id) {
    if (is_page('12345') || is_page('my-slug')) { 
        //Do stuff ...

With no results. The function is the following and runs fine.

function title_with_attributes($title, $id) {
    global $wp_query;
        global $post;
        //get other variables from post here ...
        $title = "add text and vars ".$title;
    return $title;

Maybe there is a way to add this function when the plugin runs but I do not know how. The plugin is the "Post-Grid" from WP Bakery

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