My block seems to work correctly, unfortunately none of my metadata gets saved after saving the article.

You can find source code for my block in this repository. It simply adds a toggle to set a meta value to false or true.

While the value to my attribute seems to change after calling:

setAttributes( { featured: value } );

If I save my post and check the rest api, the value actually won’t have changed.

I have absolutely no clue why this isn’t working. Is there anything wrong with the code?

  • If you're still looking for an answer, what exactly do you mean by "the value actually won’t have changed"? It's not displaying? – Sally CJ Mar 21 at 10:50
  • 1
    The meta attribute wasn't changing. It displayed in the Rest API as false and despite calling setAttributes it refused to change to true. I have solved it and it wasn't a problem with my JS code. I'll write an answer later today. – Eight Mar 21 at 16:03

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