I have created a client's website where I added the functionality that logged in user can mark the articles as its favorite for that I'm using favorites for WordPress plugin. I did this by creating a shortcode where I tried to get ID's of favorite marked post and display favorite posts accordingly.

function custom_favorites_list_thumbnail() { $filters = array( 'post_type' => array('articles' ) ); $fav = get_user_favorites($user_id = null, $site_id = null, $filters = $filters); if($fav){ $ids = implode(', ', $fav); } else { $ids = ""; } //var_dump($ids); //$view_fav = "[wpv-view name='view-for-favorite-post-image' ids='". $ids ."']"; return $ids; } add_shortcode('favorite_articles_id', 'custom_favorites_list_thumbnail');

It is working fine. But what I want now I want to add a button to each favorite post so that the user can click that button and post will be removed from its list of favorite posts. I tried that by using the shortcode "[clear_favorites_button]" and function the_clear_favorites_button($site_id = null, $text = null); , but that removed all post from the list.This is not the solution for what I m looking for. I guess this should be done when I get only that particular post ID and add some function to remove that post-filter by post ID.

Help if anyone knows the solution.



Can you do something like [clear_favorites_button post_id="CURRENT_POST_ID"]?

You'll need to edit the [wpv-view] shortcode too.

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  • Hi Md Shihab Uddin, I tried this too but this shortcode removed all the posts. I tried [clear_favorites_button post_id="839"] ''839" the particular post id instead of removing that post this shortcode removed all posts. I added this shortcode in my [wpv-view] which is filtered by posts with IDs set by the View shortcode attribute "ids". – Suraj Mar 11 at 5:49

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