I've been trying to echo some text to all single pages that are part of tag_ID 129

This is the code that I used


if ( is_tag( '129' )){

echo '<p> test 2</p>';

so far no luck.. The image attached is too show where I'm getting the info

any help would be great! thanks


enter image description here

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That's not what is_tag does:

Determines whether the query is for an existing tag archive page.


is_tag and other functions such as is_search etc don't tell you anything about a post, they tell you if you're on a search archive, or a tag archive, etc

So is_tag is true on example.com/tag/example but would be false on a post because that's not a tag archive.

Instead what you want, is has_tag https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/has_tag/

Some final notes though:

  • Don't hardcode term IDs! Use the slug/name if you really have to hardcode things. If you ever delete that tag by accident, or have to do a migration, your code would stop working.
  • Indent your code, it'll avoid entire types of bugs, and make it easier to read ( especially for people who might answer questions :p )
  • If in doubt, check the official docs at https://developer.wordpress.org/

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