I'm building a catalog website that shows products, they are present on several pages and each time i want to change some details i have to enter to each page and change. Is there any solutions to link this particular value to a variable that i can change it one time and affect on all the other pages.

Bests, Amine

  • If you're using the Block Editor, make it a Reusable Block, and anytime you edit it, it will update everywhere. – WebElaine Feb 26 at 17:47
  • i'm using wpbakery page builder – Amine Ferjani Feb 26 at 20:58
  • You could check to see if they support shortcodes. If so, you could add a custom shortcode that outputs specific info, and whenever you need to change it, change it once in code and it will update everywhere. – WebElaine Feb 26 at 21:16

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