I have about 3000 CPT records with ACF data that were updated incorrectly by WP All Import. Is there a way to see a list of posts with revision histories? I have already exported the database, but can't see any indicators that show if a single post has a revision.

Edit: Is there a specific database for post revisions?

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From the Revisions documentation page:

Revisions are stored in the posts table.

Revisions are stored as children of their associated post (the same thing we do for attachments). They are given a post_status of inherit, a post_type of revision, and a post_name of {parent ID}- revision(-#) for regular revisions and {parent ID}-autosave for autosaves.

So you should be able to search the wp_posts table for posts where the post_type is revision, and then grab the post_parent ID to find the original post.


If you're looking for an SQL query, here's one I just tried that seemed to work:

SELECT ID, post_title
FROM wp_posts
    SELECT DISTINCT post_parent
    FROM wp_posts
    WHERE post_type='revision'

...assuming your posts table has the default name wp_posts.

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