I am trying to write my own custom WP Theme for a fitness organization.

When admins create a new certification, the title of the event will always be from the following: 1. Kickboxing Certification 2. Boxing Certification 3. Pilates Certification.

Is there a way I can make this a drop down menu in the title AND allow the admin the ability to write their own title if needed?

My code so far is this

function isca_post_types(){
  register_post_type('event', array(
      'add_new_item'=> 'Add New Event',
      'edit_item'=> 'Edit Event',
      'all_items'=> 'All Events',
add_action('init', 'isca_post_types');```

This is a mock up of what I want. dropdown of title

Is this possible in Wordpress?

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