How could to modify the permalink structure in all sites of the multisite at once?


You would probably need to do this programmatically, for example add a PHP file to your /wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder with this:

add_action('init', 'modify_all_permalink_structures');
function modify_all_permalink_structures();
        if (isset($_GET['modify_all_permalinks')) {
            $structure = '/%category%/%postname%/';
            $sites = get_sites();
            foreach ( $sites as $site ) {
                switch_to_blog( $site->blog_id );
                global $wp_rewrite;

Then access yoursite.com/?modify_all_permalinks to trigger it.

Recommend you do a full site backup first in case this is somehow insufficient. Remove the file when it has done it's job.

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