This code snippet shows (prefix) category Name first before the Post title (Very right).


  • Music: %Post_title%
  • Video: %post_title%
  • Lyrics: %post_title%
  • News: %post_title%
  • Lifstyle: %Post_title%.

Now the problem is, I wanted to show this on a very specific category(Music & Video) alone and not all categories...

E.g on category Music & Video alone.

Then any other post from any other category will not show any Prefix at all...

Below is the code snippet:

add_filter('wp_title', function ($title) {

if (is_single()) {
    $categories = get_the_category(get_the_ID());
    // Assuming the post has many categories will take the first
    $category = reset($categories);
    return $category->name .': '.$title; 
return $title;


Try this code.

add_filter('wp_title', 'custom_title');
function custom_title($title) {
    if(is_single()) {
        $category = get_the_category(get_the_ID());
            $categories = array('music','video');
                return $category[0]->name.': '.$title;
    return $title;
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    Thanks @tanmaypatel Feb 24 '20 at 22:06

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