I want to intercept plugin changes, but no action hook listed in the Action Reference seems to do it. I tried after_switch_theme which is triggered only after changing from one theme to another, and load_themes.php which is triggered when entering the "Appearance" page with the list of currently installed plugins.

Which action will be triggered after configuring a theme in customizer? Which action will be triggered when a file of a child theme is modified? Which action will be triggered when a theme was updated to a newer version?

  • What are you ultimately trying to achieve? There might be a better approach. Feb 21, 2020 at 0:06

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Anytime changes are saved in the Customizer, there is a customize_save_after hook.

For theme updates, you can use the upgrader_process_complete hook - you pass it various arguments including 'type' => 'theme'.

I don't think there are any WordPress-specific hooks for when files of a child theme are modified. This typically happens via FTP, rather than wp-admin, so it wouldn't have any hooks. You could possibly write something yourself to check the server's modified timestamp on all the theme files, but that might be fairly server-intensive to check frequently.

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