In WordPress, how do I get the number of posts next to <?php single_cat_title(''); ?> in the category.php file?

<h1><?php single_cat_title(''); ?> (<?php ????code to count number of posts in the category shown?>?? ?>)</h1>

I figured out how to do it.

This code shows the number of posts on a page after clicking on a category in WordPress. Even if the post has lots of categories.

<?php $category = get_queried_object(); echo $category->count; ?>

I used this code as the code was in the category.php file and not part of the regular loop.

I hope this code helps anyone else if they are having the same type of problem.

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You can use the function get_category() to get the category object and then just simply echo the $count property value.

$cat_count = get_category( 'ID OR ROW OBJECT' );
echo $cat_count->count;

If you also want to get the category object or ID before that then use this code:

$categories = get_the_category();
$category_id = $categories[0]->cat_ID;
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  • Thank you so much for your reply here. I have a page with posts that look like this: (Title:) Ice Festival (Categories:) Activities, Activity, Cccc, English Post, Events, Hhhh, Lake Ssss, Winter (Excerpt:) Blah blah blah. The problem is each post has about 10 to 20 categories. How would I get the category when it is clicked? – Glen Charles Rowell Feb 18 at 16:13

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