After creating a Shortcode that aquires google sheet data and then getting a JQuery plugin (numscroll) working that makes numbers scroll up to a certain number when displayed I am having difficulty combining these two solutions into a single "Custom HTML Block".

This is what I am trying to do:

<h2 class="has-text-align-center"><strong>

<span class="numscroller" data-min="1" data-max=[get_sheet_value location="'Summary Page'!C3"] data-delay="5" data-increment="10">0</span>


Which for some reason results in the default "data-min" value (1) being displayed (possibly due to the time it takes to get the result?) rather than the correct value.

I've also tried "do_shortcode" but that doesn't change the results.

<h2 class="has-text-align-center"><strong>

<span class="numscroller" data-min="1" data-max=do_shortcode('[get_sheet_value location="'Summary Page'!C3"]') data-delay="5" data-increment="10">0</span>


My attempt consists of two parts, part one (which is the shortcode):

[get_sheet_value location="'Summary Page'!C3"]

which calls this function to get the value of a single cell:

 * Aquiring google sheet data (David Stockdale)
 * Shortcode should be something like this: [get_sheet_value location="'Summary Page'!C3"]
function sheet_value_shortcode($atts) {
    $API = 'XXX';
    $google_spreadsheet_ID = 'XXX';
    $api_key = esc_attr( $API);

    $location = $atts['location'];
    $get_cell = new WP_Http();
    $cell_url = "https://sheets.googleapis.com/v4/spreadsheets/$google_spreadsheet_ID/values/$location?&key=$api_key";  
    $cell_response = $get_cell -> get( $cell_url);
    $json_body = json_decode($cell_response['body'],true);  
    $cell_value = $json_body['values'][0][0];
    return $cell_value;

add_shortcode('get_sheet_value', 'sheet_value_shortcode');

And part two (which works in a "Custom HTML Block"):

<span class="numscroller" data-min="1" data-max="100" data-delay="5" data-increment="10">0</span>

Which once the script is added:

 * Adds script (David Stockdale).
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'add_my_script' );
 * Adds script for NumScroller (David Stockdale).
function add_my_script() {
        'numscroller-1.0', // name your script so that you can attach other scripts and de-register, etc.
        get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . 
        '/lib/numscroller-1.0.js', // this is the location of your script file.
        array( 'jquery' ), // this array lists the scripts upon which your script depends
        '', //Not needed with Beans, Required with Genisis.
        true //Not needed with Beans, Required with Genisis.

Calls this JQuery Plugin:

* jQuery scroroller Plugin 1.0
* http://www.tinywall.net/
* Developers: Arun David, Boobalan
* Copyright (c) 2014 
    $(window).on("load scroll resize", function(){
            showFunction    :   function() {
            wholeVisible    :     false,
        $('body').prepend("<div style='position:fixed;top:0px;left:0px;width:0;height:0;' id='scrollzipPoint'></div>" );
        var i=0;
        $('.numscroller').each(function() {
    $.fn.scrollzip = function(options){
        var settings = $.extend({
            showFunction    : null,
            hideFunction    : null,
            showShift       : 0,
            wholeVisible    : false,
            hideShift       : 0,
        }, options);
        return this.each(function(i,obj){
            if ( $.isFunction( settings.showFunction ) ){
                    settings.showFunction.call( this );
            if ( $.isFunction( settings.hideFunction ) ){
                    settings.hideFunction.call( this );
            return this;
    function numberRoller(slno){
            var min=$('.roller-title-number-'+slno).attr('data-min');
            var max=$('.roller-title-number-'+slno).attr('data-max');
            var timediff=$('.roller-title-number-'+slno).attr('data-delay');
            var increment=$('.roller-title-number-'+slno).attr('data-increment');
            var numdiff=max-min;
            var timeout=(timediff*1000)/numdiff;

    function numberRoll(slno,min,max,increment,timeout){//alert(slno+"="+min+"="+max+"="+increment+"="+timeout);

Both of these solutions work on their own, how can I combine them?

Also sorry if the solution turns out to be something really obvious or this should be posted somewhere else, but I just started using WordPress like 2 weeks ago and I'm still getting the hang of it.

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Ended up creating a plugin for this: https://davidstockdalescrapcode.co.uk/my-plugins

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