The admin page loads slowly ever since adding Custom Post types. I've added them using CPT UI and Custom Fields plugins in Wordpress. Whenever you click on the Custom post type from the sidebar it takes 8.74s to load. With one of the queries showing as "slow" according to debug bar plugin. See screenshot.

Context: I've created a site that hosts advertiser listings. We have about 700 advertisers with 20 fields.

How would one fix these load times? Does someone notice anything odd in the query?

Screenshot of debug bar details

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    I can see in your admin bar that the page is taking 8.75 seconds to load. Your query is taking 0.05 seconds to run. The total database query time is 0.174 seconds. This query is not the cause of your speed issues. – Jacob Peattie Feb 14 at 6:57

Did you try to change the PHP version from 5.6 to 7.x? It can help to improve page load speed. If you use CPanel you can change it below on "MultiPHP Manager" menu.

If you use cache plugins try to disable them. Some kind of plugins can decrease the load speed. If it doesn't help try to change theme to another custom WordPress theme.

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