I'm working on a block that has it's own colour picker. This is working fine and I can see my background colour changing however I'm only able to get the hex value for the colour.

I'm changing the colour as it stands by doing:-

style={{ backgroundColor: `${tint.hex}` }}

Tint is an object returned from the colour picker and I can see that it has a sub object called color that contains rgba values.

How do I get these values and make the backgroundColour use rgba()?

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If you mean wp.components.ColorPicker which is based on react-color, then the tint object also contains a rgb property with an object of the RGBA value like {r: 51, g: 51, b: 51, a: 1}.

So in your code, you can use:

style={{ backgroundColor: `rgba(${tint.rgb.r}, ${tint.rgb.g}, ${tint.rgb.b}, ${tint.rgb.a})` }}

And an easy trick to know all the available properties in the color object is by running console.log( tint ).. :)

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    Sally I had to tweak a couple of things (like make my attribute an object so it can have a default rgba). That aside your answer was correct and it solved my issue! :)
    – Astrid
    Feb 14, 2020 at 18:48

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