I'm start using the_tags() function, I want to create a list of tags using the # symbol like the hashtags. I've never used this function, and I've noticed that it will create a link to an url that is pointing to a mysitw.com/tag/selected-tag/, but if I try to click on it, I will see the home page. Do I need to create a tag page template for this to work as I'm expecting? I want to display all the contents that are under the same tag on a styled page or list. How I can do this ?

  • Have you tried disabling plugins or looking at their settings? SEO plugins may disable tag archives, so that might be why you are seeing the homepage. You could also use a default theme like Twenty Twenty to check whether it is indeed your theme lacking a template or enforcing a redirect. – WebElaine Feb 10 at 16:03
  • I've added the tag.php template to my theme, now works fine. As I understand, I need an archive.php template, but also tag will work and is the template that the url will point. – sialfa Feb 10 at 17:14

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