I hate, despise forcing markup/stylization on anyone that extends my system because I'm making assumptions about how my code is going to be used and force people to play around my decision-making.

Thing is, I'm now faced with an issue. I have a really long WP_Error message, it's like 100 salamis all put together long.

I kinda wanna insert a \r\n between these messages to make it readable.

Is there no middle-ground? I'm also offering these messages separated in the error_data but, of course, it'd be nicer to have it readable from the get-go.

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Personally I prefer to put all errors in a debug.log file using error_log and it would be readable enough as it includes break lines automatically.

I think not all the errors should be visible for clients. In case that I need to show an error to the user, I check the error type and I show a short message with a custom code like Sorry, Post ID is missing [error 12] and the I know Error 12 could happen in certain cases.

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