Here is a screenshot of the admin console pages I find here a description of the page on the title column (marked in RED), I would like to add such notes on pages I create or edit the ones already there. I can't find it on the edit screen or any other related editable part. Can anyone help me?enter image description here

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Welcome! Those areas you have marked with a red border is called Post states.

In order to modify post states you can use display_post_states filter.

The following example adds the post id to states.

function my_custom_display_post_states( $states, $post ) {
    // Add post id.
    $states['my_custom_state'] = $post->ID;

    return $states;

add_filter( 'display_post_states', 'my_custom_display_post_states', 10, 2 );```

Please check WordPress documentation for more information.

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