I am trying to translate the following string (using po). All %%category%% %%in_location_single%% It translates just fine except that it doesn't account for a few singular feminines.

in majority of the cases the category is plural masculine the 'all' is translated as 'vse' and it works just dandy.

in one, very special, case I have a category which is singular feminine 'All life' so the 'all' needs to become 'vsya' in this one particular case . (there might be a few rare others)

is there a way to hardcode around it something like-

if %%category%% = 'life' set All to 'vsya' else 'vse'

any pointers to the right source is much appreciated. tia.

  • It sounds like you're translating content, not strings in the code. %%category%% %%in_location_single%% is a permalink structure, not a translatable string. Is this the actual text your translating, or an example? – Jacob Peattie Jan 28 at 2:01

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