I'm using Translatepress. Great plugin, one exception: they haven't developed translation for taxonomies and custom post type root slugs.

Does anyone know how to achieve this? Some .htaccess magic rewrite rule?

Example: - I have the page "domain.com/birds/eagle" - The current translated page is "domain.com/es/birds/aguila" - The goal is for the translated page to be "domain.com/es/pajaros/aguila"

Any geniuses out there? Thanks!

  • Your example mean that there is another page. I dont think this can be done. You can detect if the URL contains es and redirect it to correct page. – Fresz Jan 27 at 22:03
  • There is not another page. "birds" is a custom post type and CPTs have their own root slug associated. That's exactly what I want to modify in the URL. And redirection is not a solution. I need a Rewrite so the page stays but the URL changes. – Alvaro Jan 29 at 19:16

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