I'm using a really simple and fast theme in order to reach a good speed score, so i'm not using any visual composer, but writing my own sections in pages via html

i have some sections and cta that i'd like to repeat identical around the site so i had the idea of placing the html for each block inside a shortcode and then in the pages i just paste the shortcode for them where i need em.

first of all, is this a ok practice?

secondly, in terms of page loading speed is it ideal as i did to create these shortcodes (which will inject html in the dom basically) in my child-theme function.php or should i create a plugin with all the shortcodes instead?

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It's an OK practice but in some cases could be turned to a worst case scenario!
Using shortcodes to generate blocks of HTML is the reason they exist, especially when you need some dynamic HTML generation (using attributes in the shortcode).

In conclusion, a normal shortcode usage is totally OK, however you should avoid putting hundreds of shortcodes in one page, otherwise it causes poor performance on the website.

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    thanks, i indeed ended up creating them only for repeatable sections, like 4-5 at max on some pages, but i created a dedicated php file for all the shortcodes, to keep the function.php cleaner, and the site rolls a 92/100 mobile PSI right now, with woocommerce and all, for a starter plan shared hosting ain't bad
    – Robert
    Feb 6, 2020 at 0:14
  • Yeah that's totally fine. P.S Forgot to congrats you on joining the community :)
    – Yashar
    Feb 7, 2020 at 16:19

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