The below code redirects visitors to any page that you want.

// Redirect to thank you post after comment
add_action('comment_post_redirect', 'redirect_to_thank_page');
function redirect_to_thank_page() {
    return 'https://example.com/thank-you';

However, I use WP Multisite feature and the same active theme is used by all subsites in the network. So can I redirect visitors according to the subsite which they visit?

i.e. if you leave a comment on example.com/fr, then you'll be redirected automatically to example.com/fr/thank-you page.

If we use blog-id or subdirectory name in the above snippet, it might help?

WP Multisite method: subdirectory


  • Yes, you can use the blog_id, and add a conditional or switch. – WebElaine Jan 24 at 14:27
  • @WebElaine Thank you for the answer, WebElaine. I've been learning Javascript for 2 months but still, I don't know PHP. Can you please help me to create that function? – Serdar Koçak Jan 24 at 15:02

If you have a thank-you-page with same slug in all sites you can do:

add_action('comment_post_redirect', 'redirect_to_thank_page');

function redirect_to_thank_page() {
  return get_bloginfo('url').'/thank-you-page';

get_bloginfo('url') detects the subsite you're currently in

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  • It makes sense! I can't thank you enough! Regards. – Serdar Koçak Jan 25 at 10:13

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