I'm trying to figure out how to have two blog archives on one instance of WP.

I have a single WP instance with a blog. I have a custom page template for the archive index of posts. I exclude a specific category of posts from showing up there, let's say the term is 'PPH'.

There's a section of the website with pages for the PPH department. I need to create a page template that shows an archive of ONLY posts for the category term PPH. I've done this, too.

The problem with this solution is that on single PPH posts the breadcrumb structure leads back to the main blog. I'd rather the bc trail led back to the PPH archive page instead.

I feel like there's a simpler solution than what I'm thinking of. Is there a simpler way to do what I'm doing?

  • If there's no cross over between the two blogs, I would make a custom post type for the second one and give it all its own archives, templates, and breadcrumbs. If the url is really the only problem, I believe there are plugins that can help you redefine the url of a category. – Faye Jan 25 at 0:25

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