Since woocommerce version 3.4 it is possible to anonymize order data either manually or via a scheduled interval (Days / Weeks / Months / Years). Now I would like to customize the interval to twice daily.

I am using the wp-crontrol plugin to edit the corresponding woocommerce wp-cron job (hookname: woocommerce_cleanup_personal_data). When testing it on my local environment it works perfectly fine but unfortunately not on the live server.

Although I can change the interval and in the wp-cron log it is listed as being executed at the desired time nothing happens to the order data (it is not being anonymized). After some further research I have understood that the following cases could cause wp-cron jobs not to work:

1. using a cache plugin

Yes, I am using a cache plugin on the live server (not on my local environment though). So I have tried deactivating given plugin but still nothing happens.

2. different time zone settings of server and wordpress install

I have changed the wordpress timezone settings to match the timezone on the server. Still no luck.

3. no http request to the site (no user visiting the page)

I myself have visited the pages over a dozen times (in admin mode and as normal user). Also there have been other visitors on the page.

Also I don't want to replace the wp-cron job with a real server cron job. Does anyone have any idea what I could be missing here?

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