I want to Migrate Drupal site into Wordpress! I have to migrate Pages, Posts, Categories, Articles etc. There's a lot of posts and a lot of categories. And Surely, the point is not to loose any posts's category.

I've searched about this problem, and i found "FG Drupal to Wordpress" plugin and "CMS2CMS" plugin. Is it possible to make without plugins ?!

Thank you.

  • Any solution that doesn't involve a plugin would basically involve writing one, so what's the problem with using a plugin? It's not something you'd need to keep active when you're done, so there's no performance issue. – Jacob Peattie Jan 17 at 14:56
  • The problem is that FG Drupal to Wordpress costs 40$, it is the free version of that plugin too, but i need to import categories and comments too. @JacobPeattie – Ylber Verbaj Jan 17 at 16:00

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