My installation is WordPress 5.3.2, Woocommerce 3.8.1, StoreFront 2.5.3, no other plug-ins. I have created one variable product with one image. When my browser hits the product page it asks for three images:

  • Body-Renda-Grega-Manga-Comprida-Capa.jpg
  • Body-Renda-Grega-Manga-Comprida-Capa-416×312.jpg
  • Body-Renda-Grega-Manga-Comprida-Capa-324×324.jpg

This is the link: https://bean.pt/dev/loja/bodies/body-renda-grega-manga-curta/

This seems highly inefficient, they are the same image, why not just download the larger one and then re-scale it using css for the two thumbnails? I cant get around this, my live site has thousands of images and this translates to many thousand of unneeded thumbnails created and a lot of http requests and bandwidth. Speed is crucial to convert visitors into costumers and the most common bottleneck in an eCommerce site is the amount images and its size. Tripling the amount of requests an in this case almost doubling the size of data to be transferred with no gain at all doesn’t seem right. Am i missing something here, is there a workaround? Thanks for the help.

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