I'm making some changes to a custom template for a website that wants to add the woocommerce support to create a little shop. I've followed the instruction to add the theme support to the theme, in my function file I have added:


and the relative hook after_setup_theme. I'm not experienced with this plugin, it's the first time I'm using it and I'm still reading the docs. Can anyone explain to me how I can customize the woocommerce templates to use bootstrap 4 and how I can display the products or the store pages on the index of my theme? will the get_template_part('woocommerce/template-name') work or there are some particular procedure to follow?

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Follow This and Make sure Your Shop or which page you want for default Home page and Then Save Button.

enter image description here

enter image description here



You can change your "reading Settings" in Settings menu,

Please select "Your home page displays" = check to a static page and select shop from the dropdown menu.

after these changes your index page will be shop page.

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