Looking for some input on this one. I am writing a custom array but having a strange issue. It seems to be cycling through the loop and dropping previous values and only storing the last row of the query. Any ideas?

global $wpdb;
$queryresult = $wpdb->get_results(select query);

$modified_result = array();

foreach($queryresult as $result){
    $modified_result['name'] = $result->name;
    $modified_result['address'] = $result->address;

$datadump = json_encode($modified_result);
echo file_put_contents('my_output.json', $datadump);

// outputs {"name":"Mark","address":"1313 Mockingbird Lane"}
// which is only the LAST row in the query instead of
// building an array of ALL names and addresses that should be
// produced by the loop. Any ideas anyone?

This is because you're not adding elements to the array. You're overwriting them:

$modified_result = array();

foreach($queryresult as $result){
    $modified_result['name'] = $result->name;
    $modified_result['address'] = $result->address;

Your loop is setting the name and address property of the $modified_result array directly, and then replacing them for each item in the loop.

You want $modified_result to be an array of arrays, which means that for each $result you need to add a new array to $modified_result. You can do this with $modified_result[]:

$modified_result = array();

foreach ( $queryresult as $result ) {
    $modified_result[] = array(
        'name'    => $result->name,
        'address' => $result->address,

That being said, I can't see any reason from you code why you can't just query the fields you want to begin with. Then you don't need the loop at all:

$queryresult = $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT name, address FROM ..." );

$datadump = json_encode( $queryresult );
echo file_put_contents( 'my_output.json', $datadump );
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  • Worked like a charm. Thanks for your help. The reason why I didn't query the fields directly is because I am running a custom function against one of the columns that modifies the value and sends it to a custom array for another use in my plugin across several lookup functions. -Cheers! – simlpymarkb Jan 14 at 2:15

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