First, I have to say that I spend many hours to research but still no luck and I am not sure if I am in the wrong point or even I have no idea what I have to looking for.

I have created my custom page template and I want it to query from database depend on second uri segment.

Example :

Those links should be using same page template that I created but it should query content from database by using a second uri segment (show-number-1, show-number-2 ...).

Please give me an advice or just let me know the keyword or what I have to looking for.

Thank for advance.

  • Won't that just be the slug for the posts of your 'show' type? You may need to change the 'rewrite' argument in your register_post_type if that's not working, but IIRC that should be what you want by default. – Rup Jan 13 at 13:49

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