I have created two post types films and film reviews.
The slugs are "filme" for "films" and filmkritiken for film reviews
Both should have an alphabetic glossar.
I've already try to adapt the tutorial from KATHY IS AWESOME https://www.kathyisawesome.com/alphabetical-posts-glossary/

But it seems, that I have some understanding problems.

As far as I have resesearch it is not possible to use the same taxonomy name for both post type because then I could not determine which terms are present for a certain post type e.g. film.

So each taxonomy must have a unique name. But I want to have the same query var for it.

The goal is to have an urls like

/filme/bst/a /filmkritiken/bst/a

So what do I have to put as params to register_taxonomy to get it to work.

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