I am using paginate_links() along with pagination. It works whenever a number is clicked but if I click 3 dots stays there so no 4 pages can't be selected. Is there any workaround?
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  • You will need to return up-to-date pagination controls in your AJAX response. FWIW this is why AJAX sites typically don't use numbered pagination. – Jacob Peattie Jan 7 at 1:08

You can use "mid_size" to manage number of pages to display in paginate_links() function. Please check https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/paginate_links/ for pagination options. Please see example below to use mid_size.

$args = array( 
    'mid_size' => 3, 
    'prev_next' => true, 
    'prev_text' => '« Previous', 
    'next_text' => 'Next »', 

$result = paginate_links($args); 
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