I have a WordPress site with LAMP. Since I moved to a new apartment the site does not display well anymore, and I cannot access its dashboard through http://websiteurl.com/wp-admin.

Since I had backed the site up (with updraftplus, FIY) I was trying to do a clean wordpress install and restore the backup. During the installation process should I use the same database of the site I am trying to restore - thus setting the same same DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD and DB_HOST - or make a new one?

Note: in the old place I had a fixed public IP, so my domain (http://mywebsite.com) pointed to that. After I moved to the new place I had to set up a Dynamic DNS service, so now my domain points to that service's url (http://mywebsite.ddns.com). Users can still access the website through the domain address (http://mywebsite.com). I wonder if that is relevant to why I can access the website but not the admin dashboard.


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