I'm trying to remove the entire embed_footer from WordPress embedded posts.

By adding the following code in the functions.php, I was able to remove the site title and comments icon. But still, the share icon is there.

remove_action( 'embed_content_meta', 'print_embed_comments_button' );

Is there a way to remove the entire embed_footer? Or can I remove the share button also like the above code?


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The comments button and the share button are generated in two separate default actions, so you have to remove them both:

remove_action( 'embed_content_meta', 'print_embed_comments_button' );
remove_action( 'embed_content_meta', 'print_embed_sharing_button' );

All the javascript files are embedded in the footer if you remove the footer maybe your site goes down. There are two ways:

  1. Create a child theme and create footer.php and call wp_footer(); hook there.
  2. Or If you just want to remove the footer text you can do this in CSS just find the class or id and make it display: none;

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