I'm using code from the Easy Theme Child plugin in my theme, but it fails the Theme Check plugin with the following error:

WARNING: fopen/fwrite was found in the file grtsth-easy-child-theme-resources.php and resources.php File operations should use the `WP_Filesystem` methods instead of direct PHP filesystem calls.

So I tried converting the problem code:

$create_style_css    = fopen( $file_style_css, 'w+' );
$create_function_php = fopen( $file_function_php, 'w+' );
fwrite( $create_style_css, $stylesheet_data );
fwrite( $create_function_php, $function_php_data );


global $wp_filesystem;

$create_style_css    = $wp_filesystem->get_contents($file_style_css);
$create_function_php = $wp_filesystem->get_contents($file_function_php);
$wp_filesystem->put_contents($create_style_css, $stylesheet_data);
$wp_filesystem->put_contents($create_function_php, $function_php_data);

However, its not working. No errors. Just not creating the child theme files. I'm not very familiar with WP_Filesystem, so any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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