When calls theme's style.css file with add_editor_style inside gutenberg, background images are not loading properly.

Lets say:

#intro {
    background: url(assets/main.png) ;

Its working properly on front-end like:


But when in gutenberg, WordPress tries to load:


Am i missing something?

  • Is there a reason you do not want to set the full relative path in style.css? Have you tried #intro { background: url('/wp-content/themes/mytheme/assets/main.png') ;} – Anthony D Jan 9 at 14:47
  • It can be in subfolder installation – Ünsal Korkmaz Jan 10 at 15:06

You can load the css via PHP instead ,

add_action('wpmm_head', 'wpmm_custom_css');

    function wpmm_custom_css(){
     echo '<style>
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  • You can't always know all images tbh. This is a problem that needs automatic fix – Ünsal Korkmaz Jan 13 at 8:29

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