Probably a dumb question but not getting answers anywhere... I'm getting an error:
"How-to: This block can only be used once." from a yoast seo plugin but is this a limitation imposed by wp or yoast?


WordPress doesn't put restrictions on third-party blocks. The only way to ensure a block can be added only once per post (or Page, or CPT) is when registering it - meaning the restriction was added by Yoast.

You could look into modifying the block yourself but there is usually a good reason when an author specifies the block can only be added once. Perhaps there is built-in Schema or it is coded in such a way that it wouldn't make sense to have more than one per page.

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  • Thanks for the reply! I was able to add the 2nd block in manually to keep the overall flow of the page intact in this instance but will keep this in mind for the future. :D – David Singer Jan 3 at 15:03

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