I'm using WooCommerce and i want to implement a Balloon Store and according to our products' attributes, i have to define three attributes (Size,Pack,Fill) with different reduce quantity steps and price, but i have to define stock quantity for group of variations, for example we have 1000ct of 11" balloon and 800ct for 9".

So i can't define quantity in product level and also i can't define 1000 for each variation.

I have to define 1000ct of 11" for group of variations and 800ct for 9".

This is my product table. enter image description here

How can i define quantity for group of variation.

Many Thanks.


I think you can add it in product level by clicking the manage stock options for each variation in woocommerce. I guess you are using woocommerce.

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  • If i use in product level the quantity will be for one product, but the quantity of 11" Balloon is different from 9" Balloon, so it should be in variation level. – Hamid Dec 31 '19 at 7:55
  • Don't you set the product stock after creating the variation? Or you unable to find out that options? – Pradipta Sarkar Dec 31 '19 at 10:01
  • i know where is the field of quantity for variation, my problem is how can i set one quantity for group of variation, according to table that i posted in my question. – Hamid Jan 1 at 10:16

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