Whenever a new comment is submitted, or admin email is changed, or any action that by the default triggers the email notification occurs, my WP site try to send that notification to another email beside my (admin) email address.

This is a problem because that email doesn't exists anymore, it's our company's old email. So my SMTP dedicated IP may suffer a reputation damage because of this (trying to send a bunch of emails to a non-existing email).

The problem is I can't find this email saved anywhere in the site. I downloaded the database in SQL format, opened it in text editor, and searched for it, didn't find it. I downloaded the whole site backup that I created with WP All-In-One plugin, opened it in text editor and searched for this email - still nothing.

I have no idea where this email is saved and why my WP website is keep trying to send email notifications to it.

Did anyone had similar experiences?

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