as the title of the post, I’ve to filter a custom taxonomy by custom fields created with Advanced Custom Field (ACF), and I’ve no problems for all the fields except the repeater. This is my code

$args = array (
    'taxonomy' => 'taxonomy_name',
    'hide_empty' => false,
    'meta_query' => array(
      'relation' => 'AND',
      array('key' => 'field1', 'value' => 'value1', 'compare' => 'LIKE'),
      array('key' => 'field2', 'value' => 'value2', 'compare' => 'LIKE'),
      array('key' => 'field3_%_subfield', 'value' => 'value3', 'compare' => 'LIKE'),
$categories = get_terms($args);

It works with field1 and field2, but it returns a blank page if I add the repeater field. I know that it’s a problem with WordPress and ‘%’ as placeholder, so I think I’ve to use add_filter, but I can’t use add_filter(‘posts_where’,’—‘) because I’m not filtering posts. I tried but it doesn't work. Any suggestion?

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