I'm trying to cater to a site which would serve multiple countries, in multiple languages, while maintaining an easily updatable theme.

Right now, I'm using WPMS (one site per country) with WPML (different translations per site/country). I besides the country sites, I have a main (global) site which I make design changes, to be (hopefully) deployed to all other country sites.

However, this is now proving to be one huge nightmare with regards to maintenance and updating. Firstly, I cannot deploy changes (e.g. font color change, new menu entry, page layout change, etc.) to all sites with ease. Secondly, I cannot scale/expand (in terms of new countries) easily. Every new country would currently require me to duplicate the main/global site, and with the addition of a new country, future changes to the main/global site that have to be deployed to the country sites would just be more complicated.

I am currently thinking of not using WPMS, and collating all the different country's sites into a single WP site, and using some sort of category/tag/taxonomy to group the country's sites. As well as something else to group language (probably handled with WPML, and something to group pages. The explanation below will shed more light on this.

I would like the URL structure to be something like that, with a possible URL being https://domain.com/uk/kr/sell/page4, which is our site serving audiences from the UK, in the KR language, viewing page4 of the page group "sell".

+------------+           +-------+   +------+   +-------+   +----------+
| DOMAIN URL |           |COUNTRY|   | LANG |   |PG GRP |   | INDV PGS |
+------------+-------+   +-------+   +------+   +-------+   +----------+
| https://domain.com | / |  uk   | / |  en  | / | about | / | page1    |
+--------------------+   +-------+   +------+   +-------+   +----------+
                         |  us   |   |  es  |   | sell  |   | page2    |
                         +-------+   +------+   +-------+   +----------+
                         |  es   |   |  jp  |   | buy   |   | page3    |
                         +-------+   +------+   +-------+   +----------+
                         |  jp   |   |  kr  |   | blog  |   | page4    |
                         +-------+   +------+   +-------+   +----------+
                         |  kr   |   |  zh  |               | ...      |
                         +-------+   +------+               +----------+

So my question is: What would be the best way to achieve such a site architecture, while keeping my key requirements mentioned in the first line in mind? (Serve multiple countries, in multiple languages, while maintaining an easily updatable theme.)

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