I moved many WordPress sites to a new server and all permalinks need to be "refreshed". I need to save again (without any changes) settings->permalinks to resolve pages/posts 404 error.

I ask if it exists a way to save permalinks (without changes) from wp-cli.

I Know:

wp rewrite structure

but the structure of the permalinks must be passed as a parameter and each site has a different one and I need only to save with the same settings.

It's possible?

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To re-save the current permalink structure with wp-cli.

  1. Get the current permalink structure first by running:

wp option get permalink_structure

Copy the results.

  1. Save the wanted permalink structure with:

wp rewrite structure '/%postname%'

Where /%postname% is the output of the first command.


If you wan't to refresh it, you can just use wp rewrite flush.

Source: https://developer.wordpress.org/cli/commands/rewrite/flush/

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