hello dear user, hello dear developer,

the question; How to edit content in WordPress and the Polylang - plugin?

first of all: i love PolyLang for its powerful features and the versatile options of customization. Perhaps i have overseen some things - but at the moment i struggle. i set up a site with several langauges - which is in a beta mode: at the moment i have only little text-chunks in German and English...

btw: default is German

if i add in the Polylang-controll field a new translation the this will create a new entity in the db - and the funny thing it is imitiately visible at the top menu - why is this so !?

see the following: - german: http://www.job-starter.com/?page_id=75 :: JOBS & CHANCEN IN DEUTSCHLAND - english: http://www.job-starter.com/?page_id=157&lang=en :: JOBS & CHANCES IN GERMANY (ENGLISH)

see the page: http://www.job-starter.com - which is a truely beta-beta-page: and have a close look at the menu. - here you see both languages. This is somewhat disturbing and irritating - making me feel annoyed

question: how to surpress the behaviour that both (!!!) languages are visible in the menu.

look forward to hear from you


ps; Keep up the great work - it rocks and PolyLang is generally a really powerful plugin - very very flexible and versatile.


You have to create a menu in Appearance > Menus for each language. See more here: https://polylang.pro/doc/create-menus/

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