We run a Webshop example.com and a WordPress server at wordpress.example.com

The WordPress Server is connected to the main domain via a reverse proxy.

    ProxyPass /blog https://wordpress.example.com
    ProxyPassReverse /blog https://wordpress.example.com

This works quite okay. But some modules i.e. AMP cannot detect the sub path.

See also this question on the wordpress forum:


What is the proper way to run wordpress behind such a proxy? Is there a better way to configure the proxy or the plugin?

  • Is there a reason WP doesn't know that it's at /blog? Or that /blog isn't in the site URL? Then just go to yoursite.com/blog for WP, and yoursite.com/blog/wp-admin etc No weird rewriting necessary, everything gets the right URL first time around
    – Tom J Nowell
    Dec 11, 2019 at 16:51

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The following setup could work:

  • on wordpress.example.com make Apache listen to example.com as well
  • put the blog into the same subdirectory
  • proxy pass ProxyPass /blog https://wordpress.example.com
  • ProxyPreserveHost On

so the REQUEST_URI viewed from the wordpress host would be actually the real URL which was requested from the front proxy.

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