I have a simple cron job set up in wordpress:

add_action( 'event_hook', 'do_this_function');
wp_schedule_single_event( time() + 300, 'event_hook', array('testvariable') );

I use the function do_this_function() to send an email to a user two weeks after they have done a thing.

However, I realize now that 'event_hook' can only be in the cron job queue ONCE at the same time! I need multiple two week count downs to be running at the same time. I am a bit lost on how this can be done.

What is the workaround to this limitation? The only thing that comes to my mind is:

1 Schedule the "event_hook" to run once per day or so.

2 Call a function that will look at the arguments of the "event_hook" cron job. I would put user emails, time when email must be sent and other info in a multidimensional array

3 Iterate the multidimensional array, send email if two weeks have passed, then delete same information from the cron job array

4 Use a separate function for adding the new information from new users to the cron job array when users trigger need for email in two weeks.

Would this work?

  • After some reserach I'm a little desperate. Seems that cron jobs are not meant to be fiddled with after they have been created? There are functions like wp_get_scheduled_event, but that function REQUIRES that I know the exact arguments of the job I want to retrieve. There are no functions to modify the arguments of a cron job.
    – Jussi
    Dec 6, 2019 at 13:43

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Uh, I'm really developing a habit of answering my own questions.

Turns out, you CAN queue multiple instaces for the same hook in WP-cron. The data that WP cron uses to separate the instances is the ARGUMENTS. They cannot be the same, or WP refuses to create the new cron job.

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