when you have to create m.domain.com subdomain for mobile devices,do you usally re crate backend (such as C.P.T posts combined with A.C.F ) or there is way to link subdomain backend to your main domain backend? special thanks in advances note:im using following plugins Elementor Pro,Advance Custom Fields,Custom Post Type i wanna have same details of ACF and CPT but create a whole different design using elementor thats why i choose to use subdomain

  • Most people use responsive design so there isn't a separate URL, pages just adjust based on screen size. If you set up a separate mobile site, you would also need to set up each page individually. For the initial load, if you create pages on one site you could export them and import them to the other site, so at least you would have the same posts with same IDs created on both sites, and then rebuild from there. – WebElaine Dec 6 '19 at 17:18

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