I am using a plugin that adds multiple custom post types all of which have their own meta-data. I am able to expose the custom post type to WordPress's API but the metadata collected with those post is not.

For example "Team Members" is a post type and it is declared in the team.php file. I was able to add it to the WP API via 'show_in_rest' => true, there is also a team-metaboxes.php which I tried to add the same attribute to by am not seeing it in the API JSON.

I am seeing the team metadata in the wp_postmeta table in the DB but I am having a hard time accessing it via the API.

What are my options. As of now I am using:


But am not sure how to get the metadata for the team-post content types.

Per a recommendation below I have added the following snippet to my themes functions.php and still no meta data in the JSON returned from the API:

register_meta('post', 'fb_si', [
    'object_subtype' => 'team-post',
    'show_in_rest' => true

The fact that the metaboxes are added via a plugin would that matter?

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You should use register_meta to add the meta field to the rest controller. Here the example from the link to expose the field my_meta of the custom post type my_article:

register_meta('post', 'my_meta', [
  'object_subtype' => 'my_article',
  'show_in_rest' => true
  • See my edit above regarding the snippet of code I added to my functions.php found in my themes root. I am not seeing the fb_si field in my JSON. Am I missing something?
    – Denoteone
    Commented Dec 4, 2019 at 5:43
  • Yeah it could be an issue depending on where the plugin is really storing the data. Are you sure is stored in post_meta? Commented Dec 4, 2019 at 11:18

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